Must Read: Prophet, Volume 1: Remission

Must Read: Prophet, Volume 1: Remission

Publisher: Image Comics
Trade Paper Back (Collects issues 21-26)
Writer: Brandon Graham
Artists: Simon Roy (issues 21-23), Farel Dalrymple (issues24,25), Brandon Graham (also drew issue 26)


Summary: John Prophet awakes in a far distant future, already fully geared and prepared for a mission that he just knowingly heads to complete. The first issue has John following this ghostly little girl very similar to “Cortana” to Master Chief in the Halo Series (Computer Holograph that the user can see and hear) and instructs him to keep moving forward. The additional issues follow John to complete missions, but also reveal various plot points, didn’t want to include spoilers since you can essentially google the spoilers anyway.

I love reading comics, but I get really pumped when I read something that I’d like people to really know about. I’m constantly wading through the weekly options of titles and bypassing the usual mainstream titles, usually because everyone knows about them. There are these great titles that catch my eye, either by the cover or because the title doesn’t have DC or Marvel stamped on it.

The art reminded me of some European influence and some more stylized American style comics without the big muscles and superhero types which was fitting considering the story is more of a space odyssey than buff guys running around space. There is a lot of action, but still a lot of subtle details especially because of the variety of alien cultures and tools. The other thing happening with much of these first couple of issues is that John isn’t really having any dialogue since he’s completing the mission solo. Most of the text is just narrative and notation, but it definitely helps fill in some of the backstory as each panel needs no explanation or dialogue of what is happening. The notation just lets you know what various alien things are like the Dolamante, a personal organic symbiotic utility cloak or the star suit.

How does one judge writing for comics? In my opinion its a collaboration between the artist and writer, is there enough information on the page to let you know what is happening and from panel to panel and page to page and seeing the big picture of all those pages together. Does it make sense and draw you toward something without giving it all away? This book does all of that. It rolls up this fantastical arena of epic proportions into this subtle space action and adventure genre that leaves me with the need to read the next story that comes out.

A side note on the issue numbering, this series starts at issue 21 because it is loosely based off the original Prophet title by a Marvel artist Rob Liefeld. The stories don’t coincide, but it seemed like there was some agreement or some such decision to continue with the issue numbering where Liefeld’s books ended.

Overall this book is awesome from the writing and the drawings and definitely needs your attention and what great comics can be.

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The Tick 25th Anniversary: SDCC Souvenir Book Entry

San Diego Comic Con has a nice little book that comes with your entry package. This book celebrates the comics industry anniversaries with fan art and articles and interviews with creators and professionals. There are a handful of submission topics every year and you can choose as many of them to enter or even enter more for the same topic, but the catch is that there are so many people submitting artwork and stories that the committee has to be selective.
If your work is chosen, it is featured in the souvenir book and you receive a copy in the mail.

I chose to submit artwork for the 25th Anniversary of The Tick.

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Must Read: Finding Gossamyr

I’ve been wrestling with the idea to put out “book reports” on what I’ve read and what I’m recently reading and to highlight the really good ones. I decided I’d focus on the positives and provide my own personal preference.


Finding Gossamyr published by Th3rd World Studios (not a typo, thats really the number three)

Written by David A. Rodriguez
Penciled and colored by Sarah Ellerton
Edited by Angela Nelson and Justin Robinson

My synopsis:
A boy with a special condition (I’m guessing some form of Autism) that prevents him from being normal in the everyday world, empowers him with incredible power in the fantastical world of Gossamyr. His super power, uber math genius.

I actually picked up the Free Comic Book day preview issue because of the art. I am crazy about cover art and especially when the art matches the content of the book it is a huge motivation for me to buy it. I didn’t even bother reading the synopsis and just flipped through the fully painted pages and I knew I had to pick it up. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually start reading it till much much later. The positive part about doing this review much much later is that there are currently three completed chapters (issues) on sale at your local comic book shop.

This book/series is kid friendly and although I mentioned “super power” this does not have superheroes like Superman or Spiderman. This is a straight up fantasy book with magical beings and the whole aspect of solving equations in the air is a nice spin on magic casting.

The panels are beautifully painted which gives it such a rich texture and depth that usual comics lack. From my experience, I’d say the style is a hybrid of the Korean colored mangas and looser Disney-esque feel. Sarah does a wonderful job illustrating the story and keeping a nice pace.

I can’t say enough great things about this book. You must pick it up and read it and share it with your kids, family, school and everyone around you. There are so many “Comics” like this that are out there that have so much to offer outside of the mainstream superhero books. I’d like to advocate that Comics aren’t just “capes” and that everyone not just guys in their mothers’ basement can enjoy them.

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The Undergrounds Fan Art and In Sanity, AZ Horror Anthology

A friend of mine in the comics community asked colleagues for some submissions for some fan art. It’s to be included in the printed compilation of a webcomic he’d been writing called The Undergrounds. The characters are your classic monsters of Dracula, Wolfman, Frakenstein Monster, The Mummy and Crotchety Van Helsing. The second season brought in more characters, but its hard to reference to the comic as it is no longer available online.

Here’s what I drew for James.

I know this is is very last minute, but James is also one of the writers for the Horror comic Anthology titled In Sanity, AZ. I’m illustrating one of the stories for it. Kickstarter is a way for independent creators to basically crowd source the production of something. We’ve got a few days left to reach our goal and it’d be nice if you could support the project if not monetarily but letting other people know and spreading the word. There are many creators involved and lots of images are at the kickstarter page already so you can see what it will look like.

Here is the link to the kickstarter CLICK HERE

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Valkyrie Squadron and Sketch

Valkyrie Squadron is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Jules Rivera. It’s a great example of comics that aren’t just superheroes in capes or people with superpowers. The main characters are girls, er women, these aren’t your big boob and eye candy types. They’re well written women with strengths and weaknesses from kicking ass, nice armor and lasers and lots of shiny glinting with a side of Romance and Bros. The story takes place in a futuristic setting so plenty of lasers and spaceships in addition there’s plenty of sci-fi references abound, there’s light humor to make this a fun read and not overly SCI-FI cheesy. I’ve really enjoyed reading it online, but if you do get a chance, BUY the books! Yes, Jules also self publishes these books and they’ve got a nice glossy cover and the colors are fantastic. I can’t praise her work more…
Check out her site: Valkyrie Squadron

You can read the comic for free, but having the book is so much nicer (imo, I hate load times even if they are 5 seconds long).

I like doodling characters that aren’t mine and I did this one of Casey.

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